Occupatıonal Health and Safety Policy

Being Turkey's leading and pioneering renewable energy company, we believe that we need to create value for our stakeholders and society in order to achieve long term success. We target to have a safe, healthy and motivating working environment by adopting an approach that minimizes losses that may occur, and considers high performance and continuous development.

We encourage full compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standards. We ensure a safe working environment together with the Occupational Health and Safety culture throughout the company by the participation of all employees and support of all senior management.

As Aydem Renewables we adopt the idea of “No job is important and urgent enough to endanger the safety of people” and we promise to,

  • Continuously improve all processes by reducing Occupational Health and Safety risks to acceptable risk levels,
  • Apply the principles of “zero work accident” and “zero occupational disease” and take the related measures to minimize the potential harmful consequences of accidents or emergencies that may occur during our activities,
  • Show the utmost importance to the health, safety and security of our contractors, suppliers and employees within our work fields,
  • Increase awareness of our employees, suppliers, visitors, local communities, stakeholders and official authorities on the subject through continuous training, consciousness-raising and effective communication activities,
  • Act in line with all local and international laws, regulations and standards related to Occupational Health and Safety issues,
  • Ensure the continuous development of our systems by applying ISO 45001 / OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System, periodically review and monitor the performance,
  • Constantly monitor compliance of our contractors and suppliers with our Occupational Health and Safety policies,
  • Work to achieve continuous improvement in Occupational Health and Safety performance,
  • Ensure the continuity of the Occupational Health and Safety System by providing knowledge sharing, human resource, technological infrastructure and financial resource,
  • Comply with international OHS performance standards,
  • Ensure effective communication of our occupational health and safety policy and our commitments with our stakeholders.

These commitments are accepted as our Occupational Health and Safety Policy.