Sustainability Policy

Being Turkey's leading and pioneering renewable energy company, we believe that we need to create value for our stakeholders and society in order to achieve long term success. We adopt an approach that considers the requirements of global initiatives and standards, sustainability of natural resources, our environmental, social and economic impact and the needs of future generations.

We are aware that we have limited natural resources in the world and we focus on adapting to climate change, following a zero waste strategy and embracing sustainability while working for a brighter future. We have developed a sustainability strategy for Aydem Renewables by evaluating our environmental, social and economic impact areas, our stakeholders' expectations and our corporate strategy. We continue to contribute to the sustainable growth of our country and to build a better future for the environment, society and next generations with our renewable and clean energy generation business.

We adopted a management approach with our vision of “clean energy for sustainable future”.

We accepted the fight against climate change and the responsibility for economic and social development of societies and environmental protection.

As Aydem Renewables, we promise to,

  • Apply a comprehensive corporate sustainability strategy throughout the company,
  • Create a sustainability culture and raise awareness among our employees and stakeholders,
  • Set our business goals by taking into account the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability,
  • Contribute to the energy supply security and decrease import dependency of Turkey in energy sector by investing in only renewable and clean energy,
  • Manage our portfolio effectively to provide efficiency, continuity and supply security,
  • Make investments and continue our business by measuring and evaluating the impact on environment, social manners and natural and cultural heritage,
  • Develop and implement practices that will provide improvement in the field of occupational health and safety, follow the international performance criteria and publish these KPIs every year in our sustainability report,
  • Develop and implement applications that will improve our energy consumption level to continue our business activities, use our energy more efficiently by constantly monitoring our energy consumption, to publish our KPIs every year in our sustainability report,
  • Calculate, verify and track carbon emissions resulting from our business activities, and publish our KPIs every year in order to fight climate change,
  • Track our water consumption, report and publish every year in our sustainability report, ensure the efficient use of water, and raise awareness among our employees and stakeholders in this regard,
  • Select our suppliers in accordance with our sustainability criteria through our supplier audit process and contribute to reduce sustainability risks in our impact area,
  • Use our resources efficiently by implementing reporting systems at international standards, effective budget management, and efficiency tracking along with our effective corporate management approach,
  • Support social and economic development of local communities and stakeholders, create local employment and prefer products and services provided by local companies as much as possible,
  • Increase loyalty and welfare of our employees and work for a better workplace in order to ensure sustainable human resources efficiency,
  • Provide equal rights to all our employees on compensation, performance evaluation, employment and forbid discrimination among our employees under any circumstances
  • Provide equal opportunities for women in our business environment and increase women employment in our company,
  • Respect for different cultural, and religious values and racial or ethnicity differences of our stakeholders,
  • Comply with Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption laws and regulations, ethical and professional principles and international rules,
  • Raise awareness among our employees and stakeholders about climate change, sustainability, United Nations Global Compact Principles and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,
  • Comply with the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, of which we are signatory,
  • Ensure effective communication of our sustainability policy and our commitments with our stakeholders.

These commitments are accepted as our Sustainability Policy.

Aydem Renewables, which became a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact in 2020, is committed to comply with the 10 Principles of the Global Compact.