Strategy & Approach

In line with our "Energy for Life" vision, we know the importance of energy in every part of life and we consider this approach a perspective of respect for business, environment and society.

Respect for Business:

We strive to improve our productivity and financial performance by updating our corporate governance structure to the necessities of the time and adapting to new technologies. With the awareness that our employees are our most important stakeholders, we adopt an approach that takes into account high performance and continuous improvement by providing a safe, healthy and motivating working environment. 

Respect the Environment:

With the awareness that natural resources are limited, we are focusing on increasing the use of renewable energy sources, adapting to climate change, supporting zero waste strategy and sustainability while working for today and the future to achieve better. We implement an effective sustainability policy and water management with maximum respect for biodiversity protection in our areas of activity.


Respect the Society:

Ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services is one of the major global goals that is focused on by the whole world. Meeting this demand with uninterrupted, reliable and low cost energy will be possible by resource diversification and in particular by more use of renewable energy sources. The focus of our respect for society is to increase the share of renewable energy sources in energy supply. However, in the regions where we operate, we primarily support sustainable development through contribution to the local economy, local employment and social responsibility projects.

Sustainability Approach:

Aydem Renewables, Turkey's leading and pioneering renewable energy company, believes that it needs to create value for its stakeholders and society in order to achieve long term success. It adopts an approach that considers the requirements of global initiatives and standards, sustainability of natural resources, its environmental, social and economic impact and the needs of future generations.
Achieving an awareness that natural resources are limited, Aydem Renewables focuses on increasing the use of renewable energy sources, adapting to climate change, following a zero waste strategy and embracing sustainability while working for today and a brighter future.

Sustainability approach of Aydem Renewables is to create systems that will support one of the main rights of people, access to energy, while focusing on its main business as renewable energy generation, providing the continuity of these renewable energy sources and protecting the natural resources for the future generations.

Aydem Renewables has developed a sustainability approach by evaluating its environmental, social and economic impact areas, its stakeholders' expectations and its corporate strategy. Aydem Renewables continues to contribute to the sustainable growth of the world and to build a better future for the environment, society and next generations with its renewable and clean energy generation business. It continues to work as an institution that manages its impact areas, responds to its stakeholders transparently and effectively and acts with national and global values in line with its corporate strategies and sustainability principles.