Message from the Executive Chairman

İdris KüpeliI am pleased to share with you our very first Sustainability Report covering the period from January 1, 2019 - February 29, 2020, and prepared in accordance with the "Core" option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). 

As an institution that is interested in the future and change in the energy sector and determines the dynamics of the sector for 25 years, we left 2019 behind as a year focused on change and transformation reflected in our management approach. Our works in the field of corporate governance and sustainability, which has been voluntarily adopted by all our employees and has become the fundamental value of our common culture, have determined the agenda of 2019 from our perspective. As a natural process of this approach, I am pleased to present our new corporate objectives that we have determined in our transformation process as ‘Sustainability', 'Human Orientation' and ‘Innovation’. We develop different approaches that respect the sustainability of natural resources, our industry, stakeholders, the environment and the needs of future generations, while offering more efficient and economical solutions for today's needs. In accordance with this understanding, we signed the United Nations Global Compact of Principles, the world's largest voluntary sustainability initiative, which covers the '10 Principles' universally accepted in the titles of human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption. We see this step as one of the most important requirements of our understanding of responsible business conduct as an institution, we commit that we will be the implementers of the 10 universal principles we sign in all areas and that we will continue our activities focused on creating benefits for our society in the next period as Aydem Renewables. In accordance with our vision of 'Energy for Life', we power all areas of life and in our very first Sustainability Report we consider this approach with a perspective of "respect" for business, environment and society with the responsibility we have taken from our 25 years of strong history. As an institution pioneers the sector and puts into practice what is not encouraged by rival companies, we have updated our corporate governance structure in accordance with the requirements of this era. We are striving to increase our efficiency and financial performance by adapting to new technologies. At the same time, we consider it among our primary priorities and duties to provide a fair, non-discriminatory, safe, healthy and happy working environment for our employees and to implement projects that will increase their knowledge, skills and capabilities.

We have aligned our sustainability strategy with the world's common agenda by adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, we continue to contribute to the sustainable growth of our country and prepare a better future for the environment, society and future generations with renewable energy generation.

We define our role as a ‘pioneering company' that develops and implements innovative solutions in our industry, contributing to social and cultural development as well as economic areas such as employment, growth and added value creation. For this purpose, as in the past, we achieved many volunteering projects in 2019. 

Our institution makes significant efforts to be beneficial to the environment and society and continues its activities in the fields of education and environment with its new projects. Our corporate vision, corporate culture, values and ethical principles guide us in fulfilling these responsibilities.

We take the lead in our industry especially in the regions where we operate with the projects we have accomplished. Our employees in the field and our business partners are the real force behind our corporate citizenship initiatives. Acting with the responsibility of being a global citizen, our company has also fully integrated its sustainability strategy with its business strategy and targets. We act with universal values within the framework of our sustainability vision of respect for business, environment and society and seek solutions by approaching the problems we address on a global scale.

As today, we will continue to work with the same determination and decisiveness for a sustainable future in line with our global targets with the strength we get from our employees, customers and stakeholders. I would like to express my gratitude to all our stakeholders who have accompanied us with the same enthusiasm and determination on our journey to achieve these goals.

İdris Küpeli
Aydem Renewable Energy Chairman of the Board