Human Rights Policy

Being Turkey's leading and pioneering renewable energy company, we believe that we need to create value for our stakeholders and society in order to achieve long term success. We adopt an approach that considers the requirements of global initiatives and standards, sustainability of natural resources, our environmental, social and economic impact and the needs of future generations.

As Aydem Renewables, accepting Human Rights as an inseparable part of our rules of ethics, we promise to,

  • Ensure that all our employees and business partners act in accordance with Aydem Renewables Human Rights Policy,
  • Observe the indigenous rights of the people living in the regions where we operate and take measures against violations of rights,
  • Comply with local and international laws and regulations related to Human Rights and ensure that our business partners also comply,
  • Base our Human Rights commitments upon the United Nations Global Compact Principles which we became a signatory, and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which Turkey is a signatory,
  • Take decisions in line with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and organize our activities accordingly in all of our investment activities and operations,
  • Provide equal rights to all our employees on compensation, performance evaluation, employment and forbid discrimination among our employees under any circumstances
  • Provide equal opportunities for women in our business environment and increase women employment in our company,
  • Improve the gender balance in the decision-making mechanisms of our company and increase the ratio of women in the board of directors and senior management of our company,
  • Respect for different cultural and religious values and age, racial or ethnicity differences of all our stakeholders,
  • As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, not to allow child labour at any stage of our operations under any circumstances,
  • Ensure that child labour is not employed in the contracts made with our suppliers and to take this matter into consideration in audits,
  • As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, not to allow forced or compulsory labour at any stage of our operations under conditions not in compliance with laws and regulations,
  • Prevent any situation that would hinder our employees to exercise their right to freedom of expression in the business environment and enable our employees to cooperate with non-governmental organizations
  • Respect our employees' collective bargaining rights and freedom of association,
  • Create conditions for our employees to work in a healthy, ergonomic, safe, secured and happy manner,
  • Commit to be a socially reliable employer for our employees with our company reputation,
  • Not to tolerate events such as maltreatment, intimidation and harassment in the business environment,
  • Ensure effective communication of our sustainability policy and our commitments with our stakeholders.

These commitments are accepted as our Human Rights Policy.