Corporate Governance System

Aydem Renewables Board and Senior Management perform their duties with transparency principle, awareness of accountability to the company and shareholders and by keeping the profitability of the company and the interests of shareholders at the forefront with the sustainability approach. 

In Aydem Renewables, which has a new governance structure with its sustainability approach, the Board of Directors is seen as the approval authority of critical decisions. The Shareholders or the Board of Directors are not intervening in daily transactions but are informed about critical issues. In cases of high financial impact and risk, the Board of Directors of Aydem Renewables plays a decisive and supervisory role in the management processes of Aydem Renewables. Aydem Renewables Board is the highest governing body responsible for tasks such as defining strategic objectives, determining corporate governance, identifying the people and financial resources needed, auditing the performance of the management, observing the compliance of the activities with the legislation, the Articles of Association, internal regulations and the policies created, and auditing the sustainability performance of the Company.

As of 2019, there are 4 members at Aydem Renewables Board. As of 2020, 4 independent members will be appointed to Aydem Renewables Board of Directors and a total of 8 members are planned to be appointed. It is aimed to give priority to women in appointed members. The success of the Board of Directors is assessed by the extent to which the main business objectives are achieved in line with the corporate objectives and by monitoring the success rate of the strategies. Since the performance indicators of the main business objectives are the result of the key performance indicators of all processes, including the sustainability management process, the highest governance body also evaluates its own performance, especially in relation to economic, environmental, social and governance performance.


Board of Directors

Main shareholder representative members
4 member
Independent members
3 member
Member elected by the General Assembly
1 member


Board of Directors

Audit Committee
Corporate Governance Committee
Early Risk Determination Committee
Investment Committee
Health, Safety and Environment Committee