Human Rights Policy

As Aydem Renewables, we believe that we need to create value for all our stakeholders, for the society and the environment in our journey to maintain our pioneering position in the sector and become a brand that transforms from local to national and from national to global. Being well aware of the importance of fulfilling the requirements of global standards for sustainability; by taking into consideration also the needs of the future generations and with the responsibility of leaving healthy resources to them, we have adopted an approach that regards and respects the sustainability of natural resources and the environment.

In this context;

Our Company, which acknowledges Human Rights as an integral part of its Codes of Conduct, undertaking the following;

  • To ensure that our employees and business partner in Aydem Renewables and in Companies comply with Aydem Renewables Human Rights Policy,
  • To observe the rights of the people living in the regions where we operate and to take measures against rights violations,

  • To comply with the national and international laws and regulations regarding Human Rights and to ensure the compliance of our business partners as well,

  • To base our commitments regarding Human Rights, on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which Turkey is a signatory,

  • To take decisions in line with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in all our investment activities and operations covering these activities and to organize our activities accordingly,

  • Not to tolerate under any condition any discrimination among our employees based on race, religion, language, color, age, gender, family status, national origin, health status, physical disability, sexual orientation, possible or probable pregnancy status, union activities or based on other factors determined by law ,

  • To value the differences of our employees, to adopt diversity as a means to achieve our goals,

  • To provide equal rights to all our employees in remuneration, performance evaluation, equal benefiting from career opportunities, employment and similar issues and to announce all developments regarding our equal opportunity plans through the internal and external communication channels,

  • By supporting the participation of women in the workforce, to ensure the principles of equal opportunities for women and men in all our human resources policies and procedures, with this hereby Human Rights Policy and to increase women's employment,

  • To improve the gender balance in the decision-making mechanisms of our Companies and to increase the ratio of women in the board of directors and in the senior management of our Company,

  • Absolutely not to allow the employment of personnel classified as child labor at any stage of our activities,

  • In contracts concluded with our suppliers, to secure the issue of not employing child labor and to consider, bear in mind this issue during audits,

  • To establish fair training and support processes in order to ensure equality among our employees and to specifically encourage our employees to participate in these trainings,

  • Not to permit forced and compulsory labor under conditions that do not comply with the and regulations at any stage of our activities and not to purchase materials or services from companies that apply forced and compulsory labor,

  • To accept and appreciate the age, religion, language, gender, race and cultural differences of all our stakeholders and to ensure that our equitable approach is spread to all of our business partners and suppliers,

  • To preclude all kinds of situations that would impede the exercise of our employees' right to freedom of expression in the business environment and to allow cooperation with non-governmental organizations,

  • To respect our employees' right to collective bargaining and freedom of association,

  • To provide our employees with healthy, ergonomic, hygienic, safe working conditions in which they will work with satisfaction,

  • Not to allow the occupational health and safety principles to be violated to an extent that would endanger the health, safety and / or life of the employees and to take the necessary measures,

  • To be a socially reliable employer for our employees with our Company reputation,

  • To consider the work-family life balance and to pay regards to the needs of the working parents while creating the working environment and conditions,

  • Absolutely not tolerate incidents such as maltreatment, intimidation (mobbing), inhuman or degrading treatment, psychological violence, harassment and abuse through any verbal or written communication means,

  • To affront all acts of violence, in the workplace or in the private life of our employees, including domestic violence, violence against nature and animals,

  • To be sensitive to the environment for a livable and green world and to principally consider the protection of nature in all its activities,

  • To ensure that the follow-up of the issues in the declaration is represented at the highest level within our organization and to announce this policy, that is committed and implemented, to all of our employees,

  • To attach importance to the sharing made by the employees about our policy and to evaluate the possible policy violations communicated to

  • To make it accessible to the public and to the third parties,

  • To monitor our policy by ensuring effective communication with our stakeholders,

It has been adopted as the Human Rights Policy.