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We have attended the 7th Energy Panel organized by IEEE PAU

We have attended the 7th Energy Panel organized by IEEE PAU

As Aydem Renewables, we have taken our place in the 7th Energy Panel organized by Pamukkale University IEEE

Our General Manager Ömer Fatih Keha, Maintenance and Project Director Hüseyin Günlü, and HEPP Operations and SPP Investments Projects Manager Ömer Muhsin Çandar have attended the event held at Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Yılmaz Congress and Culture Center.

Ömer Fatih Keha, who has made his presentation at the “Renewable energy and sustainability” session, has said, “Every crisis encountered in the world recently has turned out to be an opportunity for the renewable energy sector. So much so that we have seen that the importance of the climate  crisis has increased during the pandemic and that the energy of the future for a sustainable world is renewable energy. We shall continue to be one of the leading companies in this field in our country.”

Ömer Muhsin Çandar, who has made his presentation at the "Efficiency in Renewable Energy" session, has said, "In order to ensure efficiency in energy, the projects carried out in every field from the construction of the power plants to their operation and subsequent stages must be carefully prepared and implemented. As Aydem Renewables, we have achieved a total production increase of 21,115 MWh/year by implementing many innovation and R&D projects in order to use all of our resources more efficiently. We will also include efficiency-oriented projects in all of our investments in the coming periods.”

On the other hand, Hüseyin Günlü, who has made his presentation at the “Maintenance and Repair in Renewable Power Plants” session, has said “Thanks to the planned maintenance works carried out on time in renewable power plants, availability increases and the life of the plants is extended. Digitization studies made in the field of maintenance and repair have also helped to increase the productivity by ensuring the detection of faults in advance. In terms of efficiency and time, companies should integrate modern digital systems that they can use. Students, who will graduate from the relevant fields of universities and would like to work in this sector, should also improve themselves by learning the programs of these digital systems.”