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We have increased our installed capacity to 1,180 MWm with two new wind turbines in Söke!

We have increased our installed capacity to 1,180 MWm with two new wind turbines in Söke!

Aydem Renewables, the leading company of Türkiye in renewable energy, has increased the installed capacity of its wind power plant (WPP) in the Söke district of Aydın to 57 MW with two new turbines.

With the purpose of increasing the wind capacity of Söke WPP, our Company has commissioned two new turbines, each with an installed capacity of 6 MW, with the approval of the Ministry and started energy production.

Aydem Renewables General Manager Serdar Marangoz, pointing out that the new turbines are the largest wind turbines producing energy in Türkiye in terms of blade diameter just as in Uşak WPP, said, "We have completed the installation of our two new turbines with a total power of 12 MW, with a blade length and rotor diameter of 165 meters, in a short period of three months and commissioned them after the approval of the Ministry. With the new turbines, the installed capacity of our power plant, which has reached 17 turbines, has increased from 45 MW to 57 MW. The total installed capacity of our portfolio has increased to 1,180 MW."

“The energy needs of 148 thousand houses will be met.”

Stating that Söke WPP shall meet the energy needs of 148 thousand houses with an annual energy generation capacity of 228 GWh, Serdar Marangoz said, "Thanks to clean energy generation, the amount of emissions that our power plant shall absorb every year is equal to the amount of emissions of approximately 6 million 500 thousand red pine trees. In addition to increasing the renewable energy capacity of our country, we will continue our investments that contribute to our sustainable future without slowing down."