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Aydem Renewables Continues Its Growth in Wind Energy

Aydem Renewables Continues Its Growth in Wind Energy

Aydem Renewables, Turkey's largest company, which produces energy from 100% renewable resources, has signed a 102 MW turbine purchasing contract, within the scope of the Uşak Wind Power Plant capacity increase project.

At the online signing ceremony, held with the participation of our General Manager Ömer Fatih Keha, our Energy WPP Investments Project Manager Özkan Ulu and Goldwind International Renewable Energy Limited officials, a contract has been signed for the purchase of a total of 17 wind turbines with an installed power of 6 MW each and for the operation and maintenance thereof for a period of 10 years.

Stating that Aydem Renewables shall continue to grow with the hybrid and capacity increases within the scope of its 2022 investments, General Manager Ömer Fatih Keha has said, “The agreement made is very important in terms of providing a 10% increase in our total installed power of 1,020 MW. With the investment to be realized in Uşak WPP, our wind power plant, which shall reach an annual energy production capacity of 286 GWh, will meet the energy needs of approximately 156 thousand households. We aim to include the turbines, which shall be delivered in a short period time, in our energy production in the first quarter of 2023.”

Expressing that the current installed power of Uşak Wind Power Plant is 61.5 MW, Ömer Fatih Keha has said, “After the 102 MW investment to be accomplished, the total installed power of the Uşak Wind Power Plant will reach 163.5 MW and shall contribute to the clean energy transformation of our country." Pointing out that hybrid solar power plant projects shall be implemented in addition to the wind capacity increase, as part of the investments to be made in Uşak in 2022, Keha has said, “As part of the investment plans, our 100 MW hybrid solar power plant investment, of which 80 MW shall be completed at the end of the first half of this year, still continues. In the future, our renewable energy investments shall continue also for Uşak WPP and other wind power plants, within the scope of the capacity increases. With the investments we shall accomplish, we will continue to be the pioneer and the largest company in Turkey in the field of renewable energy.”