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We have collaborated with AKUT against fires!

We have collaborated with AKUT against fires!

As the biggest company of Turkey that produces energy from 100 per cent renewable resources, we are about to carry out a new project with AKUT in line with our responsibility to the environment and nature. We will realize the project “Hand in Hand with the Energy for our Future” in order to respond possible fires effectively.

The project will be carried out primarily in Bozdogan and Soke districts of Aydın province that have the largest forest areas in the region where we operate and forest villages in Dalaman, Mugla and Armutlu, Yalova 

The teams to be established with local people from four regions will be provided training on effective response to fires as well as practical training on the correct use of fire equipment. Within the scope of the project, along with the awareness trainings for the local people, the fire extinguishing equipment for use in possible forest fires will also be provided. The first of the three-day trainings in each region will be held in Söke between October 26th and 28th, Armutlu between November 17th and 19th, Dalaman between December 1st and 3rd and Bozdoğan between December 17th and 19th.

Stating that they always take care to prepare a better future for the environment, community and future generations, Ömer Fatih Keha, General Manager of Aydem Renewable Energy, said, “Our job is to produce energy for life. While producing energy from renewable sources, we consider the sustainability of the environment and the needs of future generations; we focus on developing projects that can contribute to our region and our people. We have made sapling donations together with Aydem Energy group companies, especially by assuming our responsibility for the conversion of the areas that were destroyed by the last forest fires to their old days. We also rolled up our sleeves to be prepared for possible similar fires. We are very happy to sign the project "Hand in Hand with the Energy for our Future" in collaboratin with AKUT. I would like to thank the AKUT teams that will provide training and the local people who will participate in this project to take place for the first time in Turkey start in the coming days.”

Providing information about the project during his visit to Aydem Renewable Energy with AKUT teams, Recep Şalcı, the President of AKUT said, “The last forest fires were the biggest forest fires we have not seen until this year in our country. Unfortunately, we witnessed that the fire, which started small in some areas, spread due to the inability to respond correctly. Although most of our citizens have fire extinguishing skills, they do not have enough knowledge on how to respond to a fire that they can simply put out in a systematic and effective way. In our project, which we will put into practice based on this need, we will establish teams from the local people in certain regions on the basis of voluntary firefighting. Thanks to the training and equipment support we will provide with the support of Aydem Renewable Energy, the teams will be informed about responding to fires. In this way, possible forest fires in the region might be responded very quickly and effectively. I congratulate them for the leadership of Aydem Renewable Energy in the project, which I assume to be a model for our country in the future.”

At the ceremony held for the beginning of the collaboration, Recep Şalcı, the President of AKUT, presented a plaque of appreciation for the support that Aydem Renewable Energy has given them so far.