We have incorporated Akköprü HPP to our Portfolio.

We have incorporated Akköprü HPP to our Portfolio.

As Aydem Renewables, by submitting the highest bid of 605 million Turkish Liras in the tender held by the Directorate of Privatization Administration, we have incorporated the Akköprü Hydroelectric Power Plant in our body. With this breakthrough, we have increased our power plant number to 26 and raised our installed capacity from 1,020 MW to 1,135 MW.

As Aydem Renewables, we continue to increase our installed power by developing our portfolio. We have won the privatization tender of Akköprü HPP, which was held on Wednesday, September 23, by submitting the highest bid of 605 million TL. Hence, we shall increase our total installed power in renewable energy from 1,020 MW to 1,135 MW and thus will achieve an 11% growth. 
Ceyhan Saldanlı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aydem Energy, who has made the statement about this development, mentioning our target of doubling up of our portfolio in five years, has said “The acquisition of Akköprü HPP is a very important step in respect of our goal of reaching 2,000 MW levels, by doubling up the power of our portfolio within 5 years. With this investment appetite, by placing renewable energy on our focus, as we always do, we shall continue to evaluate the opportunities that will improve our portfolio.”  
Akköprü Hydroelectric Power Plant 

Akköprü HPP, which has an installed power of 115 MW on the Dalaman Stream, located in the Köyceğiz district of Muğla, shall be able to meet the annual electricity needs of 187 thousand houses, with its annual production capacity of 343 GWh. With this privatization accomplished, Aydem Renewables will operate the Akköprü HPP, which is the 7th hydroelectric power plant in the region and the 21st in its hydroelectric portfolio, for 49 years.