Career Opportunities

Our priority in career opportunities is to share the relevant open positions with our employees who create value in our company and to start our process by evaluating the applications. We share all our open positions first with employees through the internal announcement system.

We make decisions on recruitment issues, with the focus of “the right person for the right job“ regardless of the employee's gender, age, belief, ethnicity, nationality, marital status, health status, physical barriers and sexual preferences. 

During the recruitment process, we evaluate the applications objectively. We interview with the right candidates for the position we seek, not with the best candidates. While meticulously addressing the expectations of the candidates, we aim to offer proposals to the candidates who will contribute to the institution and also find what they are looking for in the working environment.

At this process, besides considering the work experience of the candidates, we also conduct Pre-Interviews, Personality Tests, General Ability Tests, English Language Tests, Competency-Based Interviews, Technical Interviews, Simulation processes, where we can observe the potential and competencies of the candidates. Upon the completion of the reference controls of the identified candidates, the candidate shall be presented an offer. 

Comprehensive orientation trainings are given to our new employees. 

You can apply to all of our vacant positions from our job postings on the Aydem Career Opportunities.