Renewable Energy Certificate

What is a Renewable Energy Certificate / I-REC Certificate?

I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate) is a certification system developed by the International REC Standard Foundation. The I-REC Certificate is an internationally recognized certificate that certifies that electricity is generated from renewable energy sources. Each I-REC represents 1 MWH (megawatt hour) of electricity generated from a renewable energy source.

Regardless of the company from which you obtain your electricity supply, you can obtain this certificate for your energy consumption and prove that you support renewable resources for a sustainable world with this internationally recognized document.

I-REC certificates are accepted by the GHG Protocol and CDP. They are used in International Greenhouse Gas Emission Methodologies to prove that energy is supplied from renewable energy sources.

By using these certificates in the sustainability and carbon footprint reporting of their companies, energy suppliers and consumers can support the United Nations sustainable development goals of "Achievable Clean Energy" and "Climate Change".