Aydem Renewables, Getting Ready for the Biggest Public Offering of the Last 3 Years

Aydem Renewables, Getting Ready for the Biggest Public Offering of the Last 3 Years

We have organized an online press conference for Aydem Renewables, which is getting ready for the biggest public offering of the last 3 years. To the press conference of Aydem Renewables, the largest company in Turkey whose portfolio consists of 100% renewable resources, where the details of the initial public offering process has been shared with the public; İdris Küpeli, the CEO of Aydem Energy and the Chairman of Aydem Renewables, Galip Ayköse, the CFO of Aydem Energy and the Board Member of Aydem Renewables, and Ömer Fatih Keha, the General Manager of Aydem Renewables have attended as the participants. In the initial public offering of Aydem Renewables, which aims to double up its installed capacity within 5 years, the book building dates will be 19-20-21-22 April.

“A charming investment opportunity focused on growth and trust”

İdris Küpeli, the CEO of Aydem Energy and the Chairman of Aydem Renewables, evaluating the initial public offering process of Aydem Renewables, the affiliate of Aydem Energy operating in the field of renewables, has stated: “As Aydem Energy Family, we are in a process that fills us with pride and makes us happy. The initial public offering of Aydem Renewables, which is the biggest company in Turkey that makes production from 100% renewable resources, is of capital importance in terms of both our company and our country. We expect to generate a revenue of 1 billion TL from this transaction, which will be the biggest public offering of the last 3 years.

Aydem Renewables possesses a licensed annual production capacity of 3.2 TWh, with an installed power of 1.020 MW in 25 unaged and modern renewable energy plants spread throughout our country. The initial public offering of our company, which places only the renewable resources in its focus and makes production with an environmentally friendly approach; for investors, bears the meaning of an attractive and correctly placed investment opportunity focused on growth and proceeds for wind, solar and hydroelectric investment opportunities. Furthermore, the fact that 89% of the income of our company being indexed to dollars ensures that our activities are affected by the fluctuations in the markets at the minimum extent whereas the diversity in the geographical distribution of our power plants ensures a sustainable and available, at the disposal production regardless of climate and seasonal conditions. With these features, Aydem Renewables provides a safe haven for our potential investors.

We are in a process where investment appetite is re-formed. In connection with global trends and the economic needs of our country, production with renewable resources is even more important and promising. Accordingly, we are of the opinion that we are well-timed for public offering. The price range per share in our initial public offering has been determined to be between TL 8.50 and TL.9.90. The size of the initial public offering, together with the sale of additional shares, shall be in the range of TL 1.1 billion to TL 1.3 billion in total; and together with the sale of additional shares, the free float rate will be 18.44 percent in total.”

Küpeli: “The year 2021 will be the starting point for our hybrid investments, we will double up our installed power in 5 years.”

Indicating that in 2021 they have also taken the hybrid projects in their focus besides the initial public offering, Küpeli has stated, "As Aydem Renewables, we are assuming a leading role in revealing the high potential of Turkey in renewable energy. Being the company which has accomplished, brought to life the first private sector hydroelectric power plant of our country, we will take pioneering steps in accomplishment of hybrid power plants this year. In the hybrid power plants where we have already completed a significant part of the investments, we will reduce the effects of seasonal conditions to minimum by realizing production from SPP when rainfall is low and from HEPP when sun is low. Thus, we will ensure that the capacities of our existing power plants are used more efficiently and that their electricity productions increase. Our target is to reach 2,000 MW levels by doubling the power of our portfolio within 5 years. The annual compound growth rate of 20% that our company has set forth in the last 13 years proves how accessible our 5-year target is for us. We see, consider the future of Turkey, as the future of renewable energy. In this direction, we will continue to produce renewable energy."

Turkey's electricity sector leader with its Environmental-Social-Governance score

Expressing that sustainability is placed at the focus of the company activities and that they are among the signatories of the United Nations Global Compact in Turkey, Küpeli has said, “With the importance we have attached to sustainability and operational excellence, we have been chosen as the electricity sector leader in Turkey, by the independent rating companies (VIGeo Eiris / Moody's), in environmental-social-governance (ESG) performance rankings. According to the same evaluation, we have been ranked as the second among 51 companies in the international emerging markets segment. With our score, we are also ranked among the tops globally. Again, with this approach, we are conducting an intensive working program to zero, to nullify our carbon footprint. We have determined our greenhouse gas inventory, which is our carbon footprint, resulting from our 2018-2020 activities for all our facilities. In our headquarters and in the 25 renewable power plants located throughout Turkey, we manage our wastes effectively and ensure their recycling. All of our active power plants possess a Zero Waste Certificate.”

Referring to the fact that digital transformation is one of the main agenda items of the company, Küpeli has stated that they have invested 2.8 million dollars in innovation projects between the years of 2017-2020 and 66% of this amount has been allocated to technical innovations to increase the efficiency of the energy generation facilities and that they are one of the leading institutions in robotic process automation.