Akıncı HEPP: The hydro-electricity power plant of Aydem Enerji was inaugurated.

Akıncı HEPP: The hydro-electricity power plant of Aydem Enerji was inaugurated.

Aydem Renewable Energy Co. which operates in the renewable energy field, is a part of Turkey's biggest integrated energy groups Aydem. It inaugurated the Akıncı HEPP which is located in Tokat; with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ve T.R. Minister of Energy and Natural Resource Fatih Dönmez.

Aydem Enerji which focuses on renewable energy sources in line with its’ responsible approach towards society and environment and which has one of the largest renewable energy portfolio in Turkey; makes its’ 1,020 MW established power capacity and 3,158 GWh yearly electricity power production stronger with Akıncı HEPP.

Environmental friendly energy investment: Akıncı HEPP

Akıncı HEPP was established on the Kelkit River which passes through the borders of Resadiye and Niksar districts of Tokat province, and it meets the electricity demand of 231 thousand of residences with its 99MW established power and yearly 423.06 GWh electricity production capacity. Akıncı HEPP individually provides approximately 10% of total power capacity of Aydem Renewable Energy portfolio. Akıncı HEPP, which employed 600 people during its construction, has established by using the latest technology with regulator transmission channel, 40 meter surge chamber and electromechanical equipment. Akıncı HEPP will save more than 230 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission annually and will provide contribution to the environmental which is equal to the fresh air released by approximately 436 thousand trees.

“We provide domestic, national and environmentally friendly energy resources to our country with our leading investments.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aydem Energy, Mr. Ceyhan Saldanlı said that they contribute to the strategy of increasing energy production through securing the energy supply and increasing the domestic energy production. He also underlined that they continue to the plant seeds for Turkey’s wealth in future through their activities which focus on human life. Saldanlı continues his speech as follows: “As a company which leads the energy industry through establishing the first hydroelectric power plant of Turkey, we are happy to bring the Akıncı HEPP to our country and industry. We proud of environmental friendly energy production of Akıncı HEPP, beside its’ contributions to the Turkish economy through providing employment opportunities and utilizing a domestic source. We will continue to create value for the future of our industry through our investment in that direction.”