Our Vision-Mission and Values

Our Vision-Mission

With our sustainability culture, which we developed by evaluating social and economic impact areas, the expectations of all our stakeholders and our corporate strategy, and with our vision of "clean energy for a sustainable future" and our mission of "being Turkey's leading renewable energy generator"; we work by considering the sustainability of natural sources, the environment and the needs of future generations. With our approach that focuses on renewable energy, we always aim to move our Company forward.





While performing our profession in the best manner to carry our establishment to the future, we fulfill our responsibilities to individuals, to society, to our country and to the environment. We ensure that our work is done within the structure of our work ethic and achieve the targeted time and quality. We adopt a transparent and accountable way of working in accordance with procedures and rules. If we encounter an unethical or unfair practice, we make our voices heard. We take into account how our behavior affects others.


We follow the needs of our colleagues and stakeholders during the changing conditions and make the necessary improvements in our work, the system we perform our business, products and services. We lead the electricity sector with the steps we take and pioneer the development and change in the sector. With curiosity in our soul, we try new ways to perform products, processes and services more efficiently, quickly and free of error.

Contacting the Life

There is “human” at the focal point of each work we perform and every step we take. Our continuous improvement, curiosity, investigative spirit and expertise we gained over the years enable us to develop solutions which contribute energy and value to every moment of life. We enable our colleagues to express their various ideas, value their social needs and celebrate their success together. We work to improve quality of life by accurately analyzing the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders.