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Aydem Renewables Provided Fire Fighting Trainings in Cooperation with AKUT

Aydem Renewables Provided Fire Fighting Trainings in Cooperation with AKUT

As the leading company of Turkey in renewable energy, we provided professional equipment and response training support to local people in four provinces, for the fight against possible forest fires, within the scope of the "Hand in Hand for the Future with Our Energy" project, which we have started with AKUT Search and Rescue Association.

 “Hand in Hand for the Future with Our Energy” project, which we have acoomplished in cooperation with AKUT Search and Rescue Association, the first search and rescue non-governmental organization of our country has been carried out in our power plant regions in Aydın, Muğla, Uşak and Yalova provinces.  

Indicating that we produce energy for life by prioritizing the sustainability of nature and future generations, Aydem Renewables General Manager Ömer Fatih Keha stated, “The forest fires, which took place in our country last year and caused the destruction of millions of trees, have deeply affected us as the Aydem Renewables family. Besides the sapling donations we have made for the revitalization of the destroyed forest areas, we also thought about what we can do for possible fires. In this direction; together with AKUT, with which we have cooperated in many trainings, we have accomplished the social responsibility project "Hand in Hand for the Future with Our Energy ", which is a first in Turkey. We have supplied fully equipped, professional fire equipment to the local people in our four power plant regions in order to be prepared for possible fires and to conduct an effective and correct response. As part of our cooperation, coordinated and effective fire response trainings have been organized by the expert trainers of AKUT. We will continue our project with periodic trainings in the future. We would like to thank especially AKUT, our local people who have participated and our employees who have supported them with their efforts.”

AKUT President Recep Şalcı, who has stated that the identification of the areas of development in the fight against forest fires was effective in the emergence of the project, said "Our most important observation was that most of our citizens did not have sufficient knowledge and equipment on how to systematically and effectively respond to a fire that they could simply put out. The 'Hand in Hand for the Future with Our Energy' project, which we have realized with Aydem Renewables, is an exemplary practice in terms of responding to fires correctly. With the fire extinguishing equipment and personal equipment support of Aydem Renewables, we have provided training to the teams we formed from the local people. The teams formed from the local people, who have become knowledgeable and equipped in responding to fires, will now be able to respond to possible fires consciously and in an effective manner. I would like to thank everyone who have contributed and participated in the project.”

 Aydem Renewables General Manager Ömer Fatih Keha, who has come together with the AKUT team and the local people during the trainings held in Yalova region, has presented a plaque of appreciation to AKUT President Recep Şalcı for their cooperation and contributions in the "Hand in Hand for the Future with Our Energy" project.