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Aydem Renewables Family Meets at Ecological Festival

Aydem Renewables Family Meets at Ecological Festival

Within the scope of the 5 June World Environment Day events, Aydem Renewables Familymet at the Ecological Festival we organized in Adıgüzel HES.

In the event we held with the slogan "Energy for the Environment", families brought togetherpine saplings with their children.

Aydem Renewables kites took part in colorful images in the sky at the festival, where childrenhad fun. From time to time, our employees had their childhood by not leaving their kites totheir children.

Expressing the happiness of coming together with Aydem Renewables family on such a meaningful day after the long pandemic period, our General Manager Ömer Fatih Keha said, "We always take care to benefit nature, environment and humanity with our projects that wecarry out with our energy production. The Ecological Festival, which we are actually meetingwith our families today, is the best example of this. After a long time, we came together forthe first time in Adıgüzel HES and celebrated the meaningful day by bringing our seedlingstogether with the soil at the festival where we missed our families. This festival was not onlyfor us, but also for nature. ”