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Eco Team's Energy for The Environment

Eco Team's Energy for The Environment

"Eco Team", which we created with the mission of respecting nature, realized the first environmental cleaning activity.

By saying "Energy for the Environment", we lead the transformation of clean energy andmaintain our environmental performance and responsibility. The "Eco Team", formed by ourcolleagues who think that a sustainable future is possible by taking action to protect theenvironment, collected wastes such as glass, plastic and paper in Denizli Servergazi Forest in its first event.

In the garbage and waste collection event, where the employees participating in the teamparticipated with their families, it was stated that many projects would be carried out in thefuture, both in the city and out of the city.

Eco Team will take action by saying "Energy for Environment" in many regions of Turkey, especially in the provinces where Aydem Yenilenebilir Enerji operates.