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We were guests on the 11th Clean Energy Days (CED'22) Event of ITU

We were guests on the 11th Clean Energy Days (CED'22) Event of ITU

As the largest company in Turkey that produces energy from renewable energy sources, we were the guests on the 11th Clean Energy Days, organized by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Electrical Engineering Faculty.

Our General Manager Ömer Fatih Keha an HEPP Operations and SPP Investments Projects Manager Ömer Muhsin Çandar have attended the event, held at the ITU Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center. Making evaluations under the heading of the future of renewable energy and sustainability, Ömer Fatih Keha has said, “We are happy to be the leading company in the production of our country, which has started to work on renewable energy with purpose and vigor in the recent years. In line  with our goal of increasing our installed power, we shall continue our investments without slowing down and will continue to grow in renewable energy.”

Referring to the importance of efficiency in renewable energy, Ömer Muhsin Çandar has said, “R&D studies in the field of efficiency in energy production are very important. Efficiency in terms of time, design, cost, quality, workforce and ESG supports quality energy production in the long run. All the projects we will implement as Aydem Renewables have been designed with a focus on energy efficiency. We are proud to be the leading company in this field with our modern technological hybrid investments that will be operational in the near future and will provide maximum efficiency in minimum space.”